Wednesday, 18 March 2015 15:40

CEPSA Refinery " The Rábida " has contracted Proimco, division of Electricity, Instrumentation and Control of Group Gang, the design, construction, supply and putting in march of the System of Analyzers for Blending's plant.



Proimco Spa., the Chilean subsidiary of Grupo Mara, completed the construction of the Javiera photovoltaic plant located in the Region of Atacama in February 2015. The project -which occupies a surface area of 180 hectares - will inject all of the energy into the Central Inter-connection System (CIS) and will be used to supply Los Pelambres, a copper and molybdenum concentrate production and extraction company in the Region of Coquimbo.

With just over seven years of history and having started from zero in an extremely complex, competitive and demanding sector, we have been able to make Grupo Mara a reference in the renewable energy sector in the areas of assembly, industrial maintenance and R+D+i. And this has not only been done in Spain as in just a short period of time we have been able to reach Central America, the USA, South Africa, Chile, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates through our subsidiaries as well as employ more than 500 people of different nationalities and increase our turnover in 2014. Besides guaranteeing our immediate viability, this enormous effort has contributed to creating quality jobs, generating wealth and business around the world and technological progress in several countries. Fortunately, all of this work has not gone unnoticed as in the last year, our Group has been distinguished with two awards for which we are truly thankful because they back our history and offer encouragement to keep on progressing and improving.

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