Tuesday, 07 April 2015 16:36

Last March 23 we receive in our head offices of the Group Gang, a very special visit: her of our Colombian partners.

The implantation of the Group Gang in Colombia, is a strategic question, bearing in mind, the expectations of growth of the country, joined the juridical safety that offers nowadays.


And we could not have found better ally that TOP LTDA, a consolidated company, with a firm commitment with the safety and quality of the given services and a total alignment with the Group Gang in the forms and procedures of work.


TOP manufacturer has based his experience on the sectors on Oil and Gas and Aeronautics, emphasizing some projects as: - the accomplishment of studies of engineering equipment, pipelines, pipelines, polyducts in the fields of Ecopetrol, Manuelita, Emerald Energy, ecodiesel, BioD, Company mount of the Plata Uruguay, and other diverse companies recognized in the industrial and petroleum sector. On the other hand, great part of his experience these stocks in the accomplishment of not destructive tests both in the industrial sector and in the aeronautics. Another important sector, which forms a part of his experience is the maintenance of the aircraft of the Air Colombian Force, where his highly qualified equipment stands out. It has realized diverse works in countries as Uruguay, Panama, Ecuador and Mexico. TOP has 5 laboratories of calibration due certified under ISO 17025 and is supported before the Civil Colombian Aeronautics under the certificate of functioning UAEAC CDF 111.

Hereby Group Gang and TOP have created PROIMTU TOP MMI, an alliance, in an important country, Colombia, the biggest fifth economy of Latin America with a GDP of 202.424 trillions of dollars and a population of 43.9 million inhabitants. The growth of the GDP in Colombia during the last six years, has been significantly major that that of the majority of the Latin-American countries, offering investors, a managerial stable and predictable environment, as well as a legal solid system. The Colombian law guarantees equality of rights to the national and international investors and a free flow of the foreign capital.

On the other hand, Colombia encourages and facilitates the investment deprived in the gas sectors and Oil, across a direct negotiation, where it gives priority to the " order of arrival ". (First eats, first served). The new model of contract of Concessions and Taxes of Colombia, is between the most attractive of the world; providing flexibility and profitability to the foreign investors in the sector of the Gas and the Oil. Colombia offers a complete network of Pipelines for the hydrocarbons and his products. A new project to transport Gas to Venezuela has been recently finished and, nowadays plans exist to extend the infrastructure of gas transport up to Panama.

It is of standing out, that after an activity of more than 80 years in the industry of the Gas and the Oil, Colombia a highly qualified workforce has developed. According to the ranking IMD of the year 2013. Colombia has the most qualified workforce of South America.


From left side to right: Alexander Jauque; commercial Delegate Cali, Salvador Romero; The Director of Edip Group, Jose Manuel Clavijo; The Director of Proimco, Claudia Milena; Manager TOP, Juan Antonio Martinez, CEO Group Gang, Eduar Reyes; Attached Manager TOP, Carlos Castillo; Dpto. Engineering TOP 





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